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By: John Piper

Some Christians identify spirituality with gifts like speaking in tongues and healing. Does that ...


By: Courtney DeFeo and Christian Parenting

When I was a young mom (yes, before social media took off) - I LOVED reading blogs. They made me ...


By: Amy Hall, Greg Koukl

Questions about how to use Columbo questions with someone who is nonreligious but “spiritual,” what ...


By: Focus on the Family

Jim Daly explains how to discover the deeper message your children are communicating to you by ...


By: Focus on the Family

Many people face life on their own. Jim Daly shares the value of life in community ...


By: Our Daily Bread Ministries UK

From January 2015: In a continuation of last week’s show David Marshall & John Loftus continue ...

Season 1

By: The Babylon Bee

United States Senator Josh Hawley is talking to The Babylon Bee about true masculinity being ...


By: Focus on the Family

Characters in the Bible are revered for their faithfulness, and yet, many of them had serious flaws ...