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Unbelievable? offers a weekly podcast, blog, and video series hosted by Ruth Jackson and a team of thinkers and Christian apologists.

By: Our Daily Bread Ministries UK

From January 2015: In a continuation of last week’s show David Marshall & John Loftus continue ...


By: Justin Brierley

Marilyn Mason, a humanist and Gavin McGrath, a Christian, join Justin as they discuss where they get ...


By: Justin Brierley

Richard Carrier is the world's foremost proponent of the "mythicist" view of Jesus - that he never ...


By: Justin Brierley

In the first half of today's show Justin puts listener questions to eminent sociologist of religion ...


By: Justin Brierley

If passed, the HFE Bill could entail big changes to abortion law.  With 600 abortions carried out ...


By: Justin Brierley

Francis Spufford is a prize-winning author who returned to faith as an adult after years as an ...


By: Justin Brierley

Andrew Copson of Humanists UK is the author of new book 'Secularism: politics, religion and freedom ...


By: Justin Brierley

David Vernon explains why he thinks that being an atheist is a positive thing.  Anna Robbins of the ...