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When I was a young mom (yes, before social media took off) - I LOVED reading blogs. They made me feel seen, understood and more normal in my parenting journey. I have followed Jennifer Scott and her blog for almost 15 years. And every time she shares something, I read it and re-read it and try to absorb her wisdom. You are going to LOVE her heart for her kids, her vulnerability on where she’s still growing and her obvious relationship with Jesus that oozes out of her heart. You will feel like you grabbed coffee with a best friend and mentor.

Be sure to make it to the end, we discuss her “adulting” list. It’s such a fantastic checklist of things we can be practically teaching our kids before they leave our nest.

Be sure to listen back to Part 1 of our Empty Nester Wisdom series with Kristen Hatton and stay tuned for Part 3 with Sharon Mankin.

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