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In Romans 3 and 4 the Bible tells us exactly what God has done to put things right in Jesus Christ. You can put it in a phrase: we’re justified by faith through the blood of Christ. 

We look now at one of those terms: faith. What is this saving faith that connects us to God? Notice that Paul twice contrasts faith with boasting. He tries to throw into relief what saving faith is by contrasting it with this idea of boasting. 

Let’s look at this passage under three headings: 1) the spiritual sickness the Bible calls boasting, 2) the antidote to that spiritual sickness, and 3) what it means to take the antidote.

This sermon was preached by Dr. Timothy Keller at Redeemer Presbyterian Church on March 22, 2009. Series: Bible: The Whole Story - Restoration and Redemption. Scripture: Romans 3:27-4:8.

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