Word Linking is part of Ideal Related Articles and it's a flexible way to help you easily add links for keywords and phrases in Joomla content, and link them to any corresponding url, menu item, or another article. Joomla originally supports links in its content but setting links for the same words in many contents is very time-consuming. That’s why you need a stronger and more dynamic autolink extension.

Word Linking provides very powerful keyword management at Joomla's back-end and gives you more control over linked words on your website’s content. It works well even with long key phrases, these key phrases are configured to point to different links. You can set keywords to be case sensitive, add link class to and limit the number of keywords per content item. After all, Ideal Related Articles is absolutely simple to install and useful for all kinds of websites.

The links in this article were automatically added using Ideal Related Articles > Word Linking feature.